Thursday, June 03, 2010


Public Health Warning

For the sake of your sanity I would caution anyone contemplating going to see ‘The Back Up Plan’ that is out in cinemas at the moment. This is a complete turd of a film. I have watched a lot of crap films (including one starring Vanilla Ice!) but this one takes the complete biscuit in terms of crappiness. I’ll openly admit to enjoying a good old chick flick where I know what I’m getting and it doesn’t bother me that it is cheesy or fluffy. But the Back Up Plan is just so bad, even the opening credits are awful! Several cringe thresholds were well and truly broken. I can’t talk about the home birthing scene because that was too traumatic and looking back on the film I fail to recall any redeeming features. May you never have the misfortunate to see this film!

Thanks for the tip, Betty... and, wowser.. a home birthing scene? 'Noughsaid! :)
Yeah, pretty damn awful!
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