Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today's Special

The Corona Cork Film Festival is on in Cork at the moment it started on Sunday night with an opening gala in the Opera House showing Never Let Me Go. I went to the Slow Food Gala which showed the film Today’s Special in the Gate. Despite the fact that there was a long queue just to get in a bit of waiting when we made it into screen 1 we received a little box of canapés by the canapé company ( The company is from Midleton and the food provided was delicious! We all got a duck wrap, a vegetarian bruschetta, a salmon canapé and a small chocolate pot. There were also glasses of prosecco available too. The film was a story about a young Manhattan chef who doesn’t get what he thinks he wants, a job promotion or a trip to Paris but does end up being closer to his parents and re-igniting his passion for food through his own heritage. There are some good laughs and overall it is an engaging story. The whole evening was a lovely experience with the canapés, a few words from the director and an enjoyable film.

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