Saturday, December 11, 2010


Lovely BellX1 Lyrics!

I’ve meaning to do a blog post for some time about some of the BellX1 lyrics that tickle me pink, so here it is (well part 1 of it anyway). :-)

1. ‘I believe if push came you’d shove me’ – Pinball Machine (Neither Am I)

2. ‘I’m not over you, can I get back under’ – Next to You (Music in Mouth)

3. ‘Yea, this history is written by the winners and I want my say’ – Natalie (Flock)

4. ‘Yeah, I’m a little all over the shop like those holy souvenirs from Knock that come all the way from China’ – Next to You (Music in Mouth)

5. You're the chocolate at the end of my Cornetto – The Great Defector (Blue Lights on the Runway)

6. ‘I need to smile like an Angel, I need to smile like a Fool, I need to smile like I'm pissing, In your swimming pool’ – Snakes and Snakes (Music in Mouth)

7. ‘Your lips come as some surprise, That they would want to come and meet mine’ – Some Surprise (The Cake Sale)

8. ‘I'd say you'd like children But you couldn't eat a whole one’ – Alphabet Soup (Music in Mouth)

9. ‘Now this applies both equally to you and I, The only thing we share Is the same sky’ - Eve The Apple of My Eye (Music in Mouth)

10. 'I love the way your underwire bra always sets off that x-ray machine' – The Great Defector (Blue Lights on the Runway)

11. ‘I threw my eyes to heaven and I asked for a sign, They said I can get back my yesterday if I cross the date line’ – White Water Song (Music in Mouth)

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