Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Fred in the Pavilion

I hadn’t been to the Pavilion before but I really enjoyed the Fred gig there on the 6th of September. I’ve seen Fred play a few times in the Savoy, the Opera House and in De Barras and they always put on a good live show. It is virtually impossible not to enjoy one of their gigs unless you are a complete Grinch!

The lead singer was sporting a porno moustache at the gig. This seems to be a bit of a worrying trend at the moment as I also noticed a guy in the audience of the Aaron Dillon gig sporting a porno moustache. A porno moustache is NOT a good look, in my humble opinion, no matter how cute you might be under the hideous moustache.

Anyway enough about ill-advised facial hair and back to the gig… lots of good songs were performed and there was some great on stage antics. One of the guitar players jumped onto a large speaker (I think it was a speaker?) and gave it loads much to the delight of the screaming fans. There were also some great covers performed on the night like ‘Fame’ and ‘Eternal Flame’.

The night ended on a slightly sad note as it was Eibhilín’s last night with the band after ten years (1998-2008). There was a great slide show with lots of pictures of Eibhilín and the band which you can see if you head over to Fred’s website. Fred are getting great airplay at the moment, so long may that continue and hey maybe someday Eibhilín will be back?

Saw another guy with a porno moustache in the market on Fri - defo trend!
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